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learn with me

There are few different ways you can learn with me! You can choose from my online courses, tutorials on Patreon, e-books, and my blog. Each option offers a different learning experience based on your available time and specific needs. Choose the learning option that suits you best and let's doodle together!

1st course Domestika

In my online courses, you'll get complete packages that include step-by-step video lessons, extra materials, and exercises. They are designed to guide you through the learning process in about 2-4 hours and I recommend starting from them.

On my Patreon, you'll find regular content created exclusively for my patrons. It includes real-time videos, tutorials on specific topics requested by patrons, step-by-step guides, art tips, "draw with me" videos and much more. It's also a place where you can regularly support my work and receive physical rewards every month! 

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  • Patreon

Both of my e-books focus on how I learned to draw portraits through the 100 Heads Challenge. They cover also additional topics like developing a daily drawing habit, overcoming art block, improving skills, and they come with packages of 100 scanned drawings and references each. I'm currently working on tutorial e-books, which will be available soon.

If you visit my blog, you'll find essential drawing tips, advice on choosing art supplies, and insights from my creative journey. It's a place where I share whatever comes to my mind while exploring art.




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