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"E-Book about Bad Relationships" by Matilda Kozakiewicz (Segritta).

I had the pleasure to create illustrations for the book. In colour on the cover and in black and white inside.

52 - E-Book Illustrations
47 - E-Book Illustrations
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"The fourth trimester" by Magdalena Komsta with my illustrations.   

A new little man in your home - it's a great revolution. Get ready for it with a book that has never been on the Polish market: “The fourth trimester - the first 12 weeks of life with a baby ".

57 - Book Illustrations
53 - Book Illustrations_edited
54 - Book Illustrations
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55 - Book Illustrations_edited
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"The Nursery, grandma, nanny or me?" by Karla Orban with my illustrations.

A book that helps you decide on which type of care to choose for your baby, no matter what options you have.

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58 - Book Illustrations
59 - Book Illustrations

Outhorn x Doodle Traffic - Illustration for the tote bag.

The whole income from the bags was transferred to support Ukraine.

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