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E-Book presents my way of practicing portrait drawing with the "100 Heads Challenge" by Ahmed Aldoori. It was my second attempt to this challenge which I did in 2022 ✏️ 

It contains: 

  • all the 100 sketches made with a pencil, ink, watercolors, colored pencils or mixed media – all in the form of scanned pictures 
  • structured information about my preparations: selection of references, materials and learning process 
  • essential tips to help you build the habit of regular drawing and self-studying 
  • links with demo videos where you can see my drawing process in real time 🎞 
  • IMPORTANT: This is not a manual on how to draw portraits step by step.

Pages: 39

Format: PDF

Distribution and resale of this product is prohibited under copyright law /

E-Book – My 100 Heads Challenge #2/ 2022