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What is Patreon?
Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. This is a place where you can support your favorite creators with small donations. You can do it once, from time to time, or as part of monthly subscriptions. On my Patreon I share behind the scenes content, videos, real-time process of creating my art, tutorials, step-by-steps, tips on art and social media etc.
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What's the difference between your online courses on Domestika and Patreon content? Where should I start?
It depends on what level you are at and how much time you have. In my opinion, it is worth starting with the courses on Domestika because they contain a lot of valuable information from various fields of art in a shortened form. When you become familiar with them and want to go deeper into the process, join my Patreon. There you will find a lot of demos with concrete examples of step by step drawing. It is also a place where Patrons themselves suggest what they would like to see and I can respond to these requests. Whatever you choose, thank you for your support!
What content can I find on your Patreon?
On my Patreon you will find everything I work on on a daily basis - both traditional and digital art. I like to try different styles and new media, but not everything is suitable for Instagram, so I post this content on my Patreon. You'll find there also many posts on art theory and tips for beginners.

Check the Patreon Content List below: 
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