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how to order personal commission?

Contact me

Via e-mail ( or by form at the bottom of this page

Tell me what you need

I draw portraits based on reference photos.

The best pictures are medium to high resolution, in clear focus. I will do my best

to work with the photo of your choice, but I may need to reject reference photos that are too small or unclear.

Anything unique?

I can also combine separate reference photos of different people

or pets into one drawing. 

Let me know about your deadlines

Usually it takes about two weeks from payment to the final sketch.

Let me know if you have any special events like birthdays and the

picture will be a gift. I can try to rearrange something for you.


Each pricing is made individually. I'll let you know about the price after reviewing your order. I accept payments in Euros. You can send me money through PayPal or Revolut. If your country blocks this type of payments or you have any other troubles,  let me know.

Traditional or digital? 

If you order traditional pencil sketch you can receive high quality scan (300 DPI)

or scan & original picture (shipping is additional cost). 

If you order digital sketch you will receive high quality (min. 300 DPI)
picture for printing. 

Special requests

I’m also experienced in graphic & fashion design.

I can do digital paintings, collages, illustrations, covers etc.

Each pricing is made individually.

It's time to draw!

When everything is set I will tell you about estimated time I need to finish the drawing. We will stay in touch and you can ask me anything in meanwhile.

Request personal commission

Thank you!

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